GIRL Told DON'T PLAY With Cars ft.

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00:00 Giveaway
00:47 GIRL Told DON'T PLAY With Cars
17:43 Outro From Dhar and Supercar Blondie
18:25 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea By: Dhar Mann and Supercar Blondie
Written By: Dhar Mann
Director: Ruben Ortiz
Editor: Brian Nelson
Composer: Theodore Ramirez
Senior Manager: Ruben Ortiz
Pre-Production Manager: Kat Davila
Casting Associate: Daniel E. Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar, Alexander Pacillas
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana and Elisandro Gonzalez
Sound: Travis Hatcher

Supercar Blondie - as herself
Kate - Alicia Underwood
Club Member 1 - Danny Delloyd
Club Member 2 - Adrian Quinonez
Club Member 3 - Melvin Ward
Club Member 4 - Mo Smead
Club Member 5 - Ed Regine
Kid Kate - Rayna Lopez
Brother - Anthony Ruggieri
Mom - Katherine Norland
Dad - Johnny Avila
Teen Kate - Alexa Reddy
Teen Boy 1 -Nate Bartoshuk
Teen Boy 2 - Cody Mitchell Key
Teen Boy 3 - Chris Montanez
Teen Boy 4 - Raymond Durant
Waiter - Will Dunbar
Fan 1 - Azeem Vecchio
Fan 2 - Peter Laboy
Fan 3 - Howard Eady Jr
Fan 4 - Jasper Boykin
Fan 5 - Christopher Adams
Fan 6 - Brook Penca
Fan 7 - Harry L Michaels Jr
Fan 8 - Luci Grisafe
Fan's Dad - Mario Martin Saldivar


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    Dhar Mann

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      445 th reply

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      Justin Lowe

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      I will always try to be nice to People but sometimes I over react so I realize that I did something wrong and fix it and thanks to your videos you helped me

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      I don’t need I phone 12 I’m good I already got an apple i pad (I’m not flexing)



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      Dhar Mann can make u video just like that of motorcycles I'm a motorcycle girl lover

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      Simran Adiani

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      Dcxa Ava. Dn c sbbdx. Zz. Savvaav s. D.

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    as always DHAR MANN is wearing his merch SO YOU SEE…

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    How to get Mitsubishi for free : Step 1 : Reincarnation into a girl Step 2 : Learn about car Step 3 : find some women who doesn't have husband/bf with a nice car, and tell him how much he love about car

  4. Wild Nature

    Wild Nature

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    May you make a video like this but about a guy tryna join a reptile zoo or being a herpetologist i really need to be inspired and thank you🙏🏻❤

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    itsrainbowplays _YT

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    I literally have so many cars

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    Ps3 let's gooo

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    James Bea

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    Supercar Blondie's content is ass

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    Lukey The Dragon

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    4:51 is that windshield okay...

  9. Lukey The Dragon

    Lukey The Dragon

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    at the very start i just see dhar mann and supercar blondie stare into my soul (n_n)

  10. Jye K

    Jye K

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    Supercar_blonde is definitely Australian

  11. Sebastian Miguel Rosas

    Sebastian Miguel Rosas

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    This is so so sad

  12. Bella Merrill

    Bella Merrill

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    When he started laughing bc she used to drive a Mitsubishi I would’ve just said: “well what car did you used to drive?”

  13. thetravelguys27


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    who is better? supercar blondie or supercar Kate

  14. Christian meir Palpagan

    Christian meir Palpagan

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    Damn in 15:28 he just got burned🔥🔥🔥

  15. amelia nolan

    amelia nolan

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    guys in their fancy cars: brrrm brrrm brrrrrrm me: does burnouts on their lawns them: :O

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    Gacha Lizfox

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    i was just sitting here waiting for her to get akumatized

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    I smell unfairness, these parents got their son like 10 presents aaaand the ps3, and then got their daughter 1present aka a barbie from the dollar store

  20. Sade M

    Sade M

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    PS3 : *famous* PS4 and 5 came out: Did they forget about us? ;(

  21. EmanuelPlays


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    I wish i have a pagani:(

  22. Larry garcia

    Larry garcia

    8 orë më parë

    Tell me why I thought she gave the girl the key fob 16:28 😂😂💀💀

  23. Charbel Hokayem

    Charbel Hokayem

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  24. Ohboycheese6


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    dhar man fard at dhar man End is shocking

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    Aiden_360 11

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    bro that was an xbox😭😭

  26. MXTRXZ😈


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    And how u FaceTime on an aindroid 💀

  27. MXTRXZ😈


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    How tf did u afford a Paganini

  28. Karina Perez

    Karina Perez

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    I was wanting to have a bikini but people say I can't have one

  29. Karina Perez

    Karina Perez

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    Coconutman OFFICIAL

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    So have a Pagani toy car

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    Lol my name is Kate too :)

  39. Noel Faks

    Noel Faks

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    if u drive a Mitsubishi eclipse that's actually rare (by the way I like cars and I'm a 9-year-old boy) and plus even my dad likes Hotwheels he collects them with me and he also liked cars

  40. Athir Sadnan Riddho

    Athir Sadnan Riddho

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  41. Lehcar


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    One of the best!!!

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    At 10:35 she is touching her hair on the phone but her tow hands was on the phone

  43. Zaina Maitham

    Zaina Maitham

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    how can she face time with an android?

  44. Janet Cheng

    Janet Cheng

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    Omg it’s blondie

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    Nevaeh Wharehinga

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    i am only a tween and i played ps2 and ps3 as a toddler to 7 years old now i have ps4 and ps3 (RIP PS2 ratchet and clank). I luv my ps3

  46. shalika jain

    shalika jain

    18 orë më parë

    We must all fight inequality!

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    you should do cameos like stan lee did in all your videos, that would be cool.

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    Meg. meg Kithinji

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    Amy Carey

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    Your channel is growing so fast not that long ago it was 6 million

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    daniel wibisono

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    Girls can do whatever they want!!!!!

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    Black panda

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    Supercar Kate 🤣🤣

  52. mR ViLlaGeR

    mR ViLlaGeR

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    well my friend loves dolls even his a boy

  53. Kieth


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    Comment Date: July 24, 2021 In Google, Manny Pacquiao meets Supercar Blondie in Los Angeles!

  54. Aaryan Sharma

    Aaryan Sharma

    22 orë më parë

    BRO. If someone isn't walking around memorising the horsepower or torque of a certain car doesn't mean that they don't know about cars. Knowing about vehicles doesn't mean you remember every car's specifications.

  55. YasPrince


    Ditë më parë

    i cant stand that black guy tho

  56. Nicholas Hall

    Nicholas Hall

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    Salina Truong

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    *gets 1 question wrong* *says she cannot join the team* She only got one question wrong, it’s not like she got all the questions wrong.

  59. Allentheanimator 004

    Allentheanimator 004

    Ditë më parë

    Girls deserve respect! Boys until now are still scared of girls being better than them

  60. Nathan Donnelly

    Nathan Donnelly

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    "My first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer" and this girl said it was her first car but she had a Mitsubishi eclipse lmao she doesn't know anything about cars

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    Mike mike

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    -Supercarblondie trying to say thank you- dharman keeps going-

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    Cav Scout

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    Really a ps3 15 years later I want a ps5 ok. The sister can I get ps3 yea whatever

  66. Mark King

    Mark King

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    Ok I'm not that much into car's but I like knives better but my mom says that it won't do you a thing in future that makes me upset I wanna become a knive reviewer and a gamer and is what will happen in the future

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    Tyson Travis

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    Fortnite Black Ninja

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    Rafael John Lugtu

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    That lambo face looks like an rug mold lol do you know what you call an lambo with an spageti an lamgates that pepole eat with carots cus they smell like an nerd food

  77. NXT_ALPHAブ


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    the car club leader: haha you used to drive a mitsubishi mitsubishi people seeing this video: let's sue these ppl

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    Can I share it to sssniperwolf?

  79. Annleah Moreno

    Annleah Moreno

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    Hi dhar Mann I'm the one of your fan in the Philippines love really love your videos I hope you see my message Im absuelutely fan of your thank you and God bless

  80. Legendary Rc

    Legendary Rc

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    these videos are so cliché wow

  81. Legendary Rc

    Legendary Rc

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    "knowing about cars" does not mean you literally remember the torque and horsepower of every car in the world

  82. LilyplaysRoblox


    Ditë më parë

    When the guy said,"You belong in kitchen, not around cars" I seriously lost it

  83. The Kindness Crew

    The Kindness Crew

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    I also love cars

  84. Cyclops


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    Vanshu and Manu

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    And not to over smart or something but a pagani car costs 3.4 million approximately not 2 million 😂

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    LUCA rapinett

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  87. Caitlin Morris

    Caitlin Morris

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    Just listening to Supercar Blondie for her Aussie accent, cos I'm Aussie too!

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    Oh my lord when dhe said i downt wanna pay it My guy was about to cry😭😭

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    Rusiate Sogotubu

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    this is very ture becuse you need to believeing youself.

  91. Gamer Boy

    Gamer Boy

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    My mum drives a Mitsubishi

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    Phyo Min Thant

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    this is dumb

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    Jack Dennis

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