Dhar Mann ACTOR QUITS While On Set, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Dhar Mann ACTOR QUITS While On Set
09:22 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea By: Dhar Mann
Written By: Dhar Mann
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Joel Ray
Composer: Theodore Ramirez
Senior Manager: Ruben Ortiz
Pre-Production Manager: Kat Davila
Casting Associate: Daniel E. Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar, Alexander Pacillas
Production Assistant: Barry Bryant and Vaibhav Arora
Sound: Noel Palacios

Casting Support Services - Breakdown Services
Ayden - Ayden Mekus
Devon - Devon Weetly
Sofia - Sofia Chiccoreli Serna
Brianni - Brianni Walker
Katherine - Katherine Norland
Ruben Ortiz
Dhar Mann
Fan 1 - Justice Raleigh
Fan 2 - Naomi Allen
Fan 3 - Claudia Sanchez
Bully 1 - Braxton Hale
Bully 2 - Seph Alan
Ayden’s Mom - Maria Mekus
Ayden’s Dad - Larry Mekus


  1. Dhar Mann

    Dhar Mann

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    Hi #DharManFam! 🎬 WATCH BTS footage from this video here: alpast.info/one/video/g5uB2s59gGzPZ6o Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2 ★ RECOMMENDED PLAYLIST FOR YOU ★ - Judging Others: bit.ly/3nn3Kej

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      A bts of a bts lol

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      We love Dhar Mann videos for sure ! Only sociopaths would hate Dhar Mann videos !

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      Amazing! One of your biggest fans!

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    Recording in a recording

  3. Molly Bordoloi

    Molly Bordoloi

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    I think pewdiepie is more cringy

  4. Anti Social

    Anti Social

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    Ima be honest great stuff bro but the scenarios aren't that believable but nice vids. Also the blond hair bully looks like he be doing that no no Snow

  5. Kieran Birkbeck

    Kieran Birkbeck

    3 orë më parë

    Pewdiepie is like:dhar Mann fam? I hate it already.I mean Does anybody remember how pewdiepie used to call his fan base bros? Like what?

  6. Matthew Marti

    Matthew Marti

    4 orë më parë

    Pewdiepie blasts Dhar Mann, instantly regrets it... With 100 million subscribers.

  7. Shitpost Central

    Shitpost Central

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    2:29 why is this bloke laughing like a dolphin

  8. Mark Donnell

    Mark Donnell

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    you are so clever aden i love both of you

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    Leigh Anne Laidlaw

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    Dhar Mann you are the best

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    Ant World

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    A Dhar mann video inside a Dhar mann video, actor acting in a video, acting in a video with Dhar mann. a huge conspiricy :)

  13. Arslan Ibrahimovic

    Arslan Ibrahimovic

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    We all know you guys do this acting for money not to change any lifes.

  14. Rayrayplayz


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    3:40 dhar mann when he sees way much more hater comments: If i cannot see i'm leaving it black~ 4:00 oh...

  15. dog boi

    dog boi

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    these 2 people patrolling the dhar mann building like they have some type of obsession

  16. oynxC4F1


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    At the intro I thought this was behind the scenes

  17. pro 1234

    pro 1234

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    pewdiepie joke was so funn XD i busted out laughing

  18. PonyToon


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    This video is the biggest fourth wall break I’ve ever seen.

  19. Naledi Maupa

    Naledi Maupa

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    so insperatinal

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    this is the coolest dhar mann video ive ever seen! keep up the great work!

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    Samad Beban

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    I love it!!!

  22. Jailshot


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    Hey dharma PewDiePie said he was joking he was trying to be funny so don’t take it seriously

  23. Always Friends

    Always Friends

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    Is this real

  24. Kalani Abraham

    Kalani Abraham

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    Dhar man your the best i watch all your videos

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    BestFriends Gaming

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    Ayden, I bet Dhar Mann also gets hate, but he still makes videos

  26. geehadarillo1


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    It's really funny what's the description of bullying has become. I had a tree bullying me yesterday, it was so mean.

  27. uzma tazar

    uzma tazar

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  28. sarah muse

    sarah muse

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    Darn man is a good guy

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    Kevin Chetty

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    I Rilly love your video's how do you even make ALpast video's

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    Funny number of comments

  31. Harsh Dhawan

    Harsh Dhawan

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    Another way to think about this is that it’s easy to hate on something than to like it

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    I Watch Ayden Mekus

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    In real ayden had only a million subs well I don't really care he's my fav actor

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    It is vip sick

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    69k comments noice 😂

  40. Lionel _10

    Lionel _10

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    If this happened to an albanian they both would've f**ked up Trump has said: If an albanian gets angry.. Be prepared for WW3

  41. kyanu ruben

    kyanu ruben

    23 orë më parë

    U got to love the haters they always watch u bc they want to see how "cringe" u are but they give u views and comments

  42. kyanu ruben

    kyanu ruben

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    11mil subs 11m views LESH GOW

  43. kyanu ruben

    kyanu ruben

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    69k comments nice

  44. GabeisGabe


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    Hey dhar man i love your content can i be a actor in one of your films? If i can i would LOVE it

  45. zahraa maher

    zahraa maher

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    dhar mann should have more subscribers than pewdiepie and mrbeast

  46. Inject Iilo0203

    Inject Iilo0203

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    Well I see nothing wrong with what other youtubers because they are just saying what they think about this

  47. Micheal Pere,

    Micheal Pere,

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    Ayden is a amazing actors

  48. Randolph de Leon

    Randolph de Leon

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    Dhar Man actor QUITS while on set, lives to REGRET it

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    23 Waystokill

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    Ayden is a good actor… ❤️ from India..

  50. Faze Member999

    Faze Member999

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    when I was watching the vid i thought it was a BTS Vid tbh

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    Neet aspirint

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    Love you from India ❤️❤️

    • therock


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      Lol loser

  52. HL Gamer - Brawl Stars

    HL Gamer - Brawl Stars

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    Which Loosers Makeing fun of Dhar Mann?

  53. Nutiro


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    Plot twist; It accutaly happend

  54. Spiderwulf Fifa

    Spiderwulf Fifa

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    Ayden didn't even mention that the two kids started bashing Dharr Man's channel



    Ditë më parë

    Dude your one of the best teen actors I know

  56. David Mathews

    David Mathews

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    Dhar don't worry about negative energy I luv u and always will Hey I'm part of the Dhar Mann famm

  57. Fun Time with Johann & Joseph

    Fun Time with Johann & Joseph

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    I am so mad that pewdiepie hates dhar mann😭😭😭

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    The ones who are giving hate to Dhar Mann can’t do anything in their lives.

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    I’ ryll like the Halloween one :)

  65. Emma Ninjago41

    Emma Ninjago41

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    This is called acting while acting

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    He never quit

  68. xxBaconGirl1xx


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    Since when did I comment bad things on his channel-- his my favourite actor

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    Aryan Gajadin

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    Dude ayden hits 1 million those guys "bet you never hit 2 million " ayden hits 2 million those guys "bet you will never hit 3 million "when auden has 1billion subs those guys "bet you'll never get 2 billion me "bet u guys dont even have 1 subscriber"

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    Camila Carrera

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    You inspire me so much dhar mann

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    I love your vids but the titles are very clickbaity.

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  79. ꧁Your local  idiot꧂

    ꧁Your local idiot꧂

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    dhar mann just broke the fourth wall its way to confusing to explain why lol

  80. iicxpid_arts


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    I'd like to say that when people bully.hurt you in physical or mental ways, they are just upset and want to feel stronger. Fun fact, critisism can make you stronger; for example, this video, the 2 haters actually watch Kayden's videos which give him views,money and happiness. SO LET THEM HATERS SAVE YOUR VIDEOS AND GET VIRAL BABES

  81. mr slemani┃کاک سلێمانی

    mr slemani┃کاک سلێمانی

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    69K LIKEZ!!! DARZ MANZ IZ SUSZ!!1!11

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    kimberly jones

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    Denna Hatfield

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    Hey Ayden if you leave any youtube channels I will loose my mind I love your content

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    Tracie Whaley

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    Don't listen to them your a great actor!

  94. Legendary Rc

    Legendary Rc

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    Honestly this video is cringe

    • Legendary Rc

      Legendary Rc

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      @Skankhunt42 who said there is anything wrong with being cringe

    • Skankhunt42


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      It is but it's still sending a good message and I don't see what's wrong with that

  95. LLT Joe33rutgers

    LLT Joe33rutgers

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    Other yotubers hating because he making money on a different style of content . If u don’t like his content it’s ok doesn’t mean u make videos blasting him all he trying to do is spread positivity.

  96. Ishika Rattehalli

    Ishika Rattehalli

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    Aden’s acting was amazing, one of his biggest fan!!

  97. o5ange


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    I like how the usual Karen said I've played more Karen's that I can count

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    zašto jeovopotrebno

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    Im confused is this behind the seans or an actual Dhar Mann video?